Faculty of Engineering and Engineering Technology

The Faculty is focused to deliver the best quality research and education in Engineering & Engineering Technology. Our faculty consisting of a committed academics will derive pleasure to partner with people and organization in research or collaboration and our doors are open to training enterprising young people who wish to pursue a career in Engineering Technology.

Aim and Objectives

  • To produce graduates with high academic standard couple with adequate practical experience; to meet challenges of developing economy and sufficiently tackle common day-to-day engineering problems.
  • To produce graduates with broad-based knowledge in general studies, management and humanities, all of which enhance their understanding, contribution and relevance to the society.


To produce graduates with high academic standards and adequate practical schemes such that they are of immediate value to industry and the nation.  Specific features include:

  • Special skills and in depth study in a particular area of the program through optional courses or electives.
  • Adequate knowledge in the areas of Engineering management, economics and law.