Faculty of Management Science

The Faculty is focused to deliver the best quality research and education in Management Technology. Our faculty consisting of a committed academics will derive pleasure to partner with people and organization in research or collaboration and our doors are open to training enterprising young people who wish to pursue a career in Management Technology.

Aim and Objectives

1. To provide high quality knowledge and skills for the understanding and analysis of business problems using modern day techniques and technologies in the field of information and communication

2. The course is designed to equip candidates to be able to collect, interpret, analyze and present data for corporate decision-making using ICT

3. To ensure those candidates are able to apply skills acquired in finding solutions to Management problems, Banking problems, Insurance problems and Accounting problems, and to prepare candidates for practice in these professional fields.

4. To be able to advise clients, with the aid of ICT, on Banking, Insurance, Accounting, and general Management and to be able to audit other organizations if need be, using modern technology.

5. Organize, teach and conduct research in Accounting, Banking, Insurance, and General Management through the use of Information Technologies.

6. To utilize modern Management skills and techniques in planning in both the private and public sectors of the economy.