Frequently Asked Questions About the University Library

S/N Questions Answers
S/N Questions Answers
1 Where can I find University Libraries Answer
2 How is the University Library organised? Answer
3 Who can become a University Library user? Answer
4 Where can I locate reference materials? Answer
5 I am starting my project/theses and I am looking for some suitable topics. Where can I find them in the Library? Answer
6 There's an NNPC Scholarship advert on the Guardian Newspaper. Where can I find this and other very current information Answer
7 I am writing a term paper/Assignment and I want to browse for them in the Library, how do I go about that? Answer
8 What Online electronic resources does University Library subscribe or has access to? Answer
9 How do I access these Online electronic resources? Answer
10 I am doing some research on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and Code of Conduct Bureau, where can I find relevant materials on these and other Government and Non-government Publica Answer
11 What is eGranary? Answer
12 What is an Institutional Repository (I.R)? Answer
13 Who are the users of the University I.R Answer
14 How to locate the University I.R Answer
15 How to Register with University I.R? Answer
16 What is OPAC? Answer
17 I am an undergraduate; can I use all sections of the Library? Answer
18 Who to Ask? on Library Administrative Issues Answer