Abubakar tafawa balewa University
ATBU Bauchi


Computer Science

Generally, computer science refers to the study of computers which include the design, operation, and use in information processing. The field of computer science combines both the theoretical and practical aspects of engineering, electronics, information theory, Mathematics, logic and human behaviour.  Areas of computer science includes programming using programming languages (both high level and low level), Computer architecture,  Artificial Intelligence, Information system design and Development, Robotic as  well as  the development of methods and algorithms for solving typical mathematical and other problems. The B.Tech Computer Science programme is particularly designed to produce quality and competitive graduates who are practically oriented so as to provide computer solutions  required in the field of  Science, Engineering,  Business, Healthcare, Agriculture, Entrepreneurial skills for easy integration and innovation.



The study of Mathematics provide a broad range of skills which play a key role in a range of different industries such as engineering, meterology, social sciences, management and environmental science. Logical thinking and problem solving both accompany numeracy as key skills and are the key components mathematicians need as they provide the theoretical framework for physical science and data analysis