F.C.E Bichi



The Registry is one of the key Departments of the University. It is the engine room that generates the momentum that keeps the University moving through the facilitation and co-ordination of its activities and functions. Besides, it keeps variety of all official records and produce them as and when needed, it keeps and interprets all the University laws and statutes that guide the day-to-day conduct of all statutory functions. It has four main division: Admin and Council, Academic Office, Senior Staff Establishment and Junior Staff Establishment. Each division is under a Deputy Registrar.

  1. ADMIN AND COUNCIL- Council being the governing body of the University is charged with the general control and superintendence of the policy, finances and properties of the University.
  2. ACADEMIC OFFICE- This Unit caters for the admission and regulation of student examinations, student records and processing of student transcripts.
  3. SENIOR STAFF ESTABLISHMENT- This Unit is responsible for appointment and promotion of staff, discipline, and allocation of University quarters, staff nominal roll and pension matters.
  4. JUNIOR STAFF ESTABLISHMENT- This Unit deals with junior staff matters such as appointments and promotions, discipline and pension matters.


Our Functions is to Test that all the requirements are duly met.