Logo and Motto (University Logo Interpretation)

It has become a tradition for every institution of learning to possess a logo and a motto. In some cases, the origin of the logo derives from the history or physical features of the area. It is based on the culture or it is meant to depict the aims, aspirations, hopes and goals envisioned.

The logo of the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University is derived from at least two of these sources: depicting a physical feature of its location whilst at the same time drawing attention to its aim and goals. The official interpretation of the logo is as follows: The logo embodies near the top of the shield, the nation’s national colors, emphasizing the Federal nature of the institution, the white portion of the colors being occupied by an open book, a common enough feature of educational institutions.

The sunrays atop the national colors are meant to convey the notion that education is a source of light that banishes ignorance and superstition thereby elevating the mind to levels that can grapple with societal problems. Bauchi, the location of the University, is on the edge of the Bauchi-Plateau with gently undulating topography occasionally punctuated by outcrops of inselbergs, either singly or groups. The lower part of the logo is meant to depict these inselbergs or hills in relief.

Finally, there is a communication tower with antenna on top of the hill. The antenna conveys the technological vocation of the University as well as the notion that the University should not only be a repository of scientific and technological information but also a source of dissemination and acquisition of such information globally to be made available for ready application.

The university logo, thus, incorporates something peculiar to the nature of its environment, the Federal source of the University’s funding and above all its aspirations and goals. Its Latin motto, DOCTRINA MATER ARTIUM, which literally means “Education is the mother of the practical art”, is concise, apt and proverbial.