Equipment and Maintenance Center


Brief on the Equipment and Maintenance Center

The works and services Department was established the same year with the university in 1980.  The department is responsible for the general day to day maintenance and periodic rehabilitation of all University physical structure/infrastructure, facilities and equipments such as staff houses, academic and administrative buildings, student hostels, University lodges, parks and gardens, university vehicles, generators etc. The department is also in charge of the provision of water and electricity in liaison with the Bauchi State Water Board and Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN). The unit is also in charge of the boreholes and stand by generators.

The unit is headed by a Director and the functions of the Works and Services are as follows:

  • General administration of the department and co-ordinate the activities of all staff of works and services
  • Undertakes the preparation of contract documents, supervising the execution of all facilities and management services through contract or direct labor jobs.
  • Preparation, documentation and supervision of new capital project, capital rehabilitation works, minor works and direct Labour and job order kind of jobs.
  • Performing any other primary assignment as may be assigned by the University Management.

The department has six (6) operational sections as follows:

  • General administration/supervision
  • Building maintenance/Civil Engineering section
  • Water supply and distribution
  • Electrical installation/maintenance
  • Mechanical/Transport section
  • Estimate unit

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