Medical Center


Brief on the Medical Center

The Health Services Department was established in 1980 from the inception of the University. There is a Medical Centre complete with a well-equipped diagnostic laboratory and a pharmacy. The Centre consists of four units i.e. Nursing, Pharmacy, Laboratory and Medical Records with an extension of a Dispensary at the Kari Road Housing Estate University quarters.

The sick Bay at Yelwa Campus is of 6 bed capacity for male and female clients and running a twenty four (24) medical services to both staff and students of over 5000 NHIS enrollees. Immunisation services are also offered.

 The staff strength is about 46 (including two medical doctors). The Centre operates a bed capacity of six in both male and female wards respectively.  The medical Centre runs a twenty four free medical and laboratory services to both students and staff. The Medical Centre is a Health Insurance Service (NHIS) provider.

There are two ambulance services running 24hours shifts. There is a regular supply of drugs throughout the year. Cases that cannot be handled at the Centre, are referred to special Centres.