ZERI Center


Brief on the ZERI Center

The Centre is under the Office of the Vice-Chancellor, and the Director an appointee of the Vice Chancellor in consultation with the Federal Ministry of Environment. The University Senate-oversees the affairs of the Centre.  In addition, there is an appointed 10-man committee to assist the Director in charting research and policy directions for the Centre. 

Zero Emission is a practical approach to satisfy human needs for food, water, energy, shelter and job opportunities in an environmentally sustainable manner. The goal is to apply science and technology in satisfying these needs through collaborative efforts of government, business, academia and the citizenry.



The functions of the centre under the different linkages are summarized as follows:

The Centre assists Federal Ministry of Environment in Training and Research in the areas of Environmental Impact Studies for mineral resources in the Savanna plains of Nigeria, especially in:

  1. Impact on biotic and a biotic components of the environment
  2. Land use, productivity and social implications
  3. Environmental Economies of Petroleum, Natural gas and solid mineral exploration/exploitation
  4. Products and waste management as is related to petroleum and mineral exploration/exploitation.
  5. Health hazards associated with petroleum and mineral exploitation and exploration.
  6. Other projects identifiable and of relevance to the objectives of the Federal Ministry of Environment mandate

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